UXFreak the beginning

Written by Emilie Lindqvist on Saturday, 08 September 2012.

how it all started

UXFreak the beginning

User experience lies very close to my heart. My passion is designing in a user friendly, responsible and usable way. It’s to always think WHY before HOW and to dig deeper when it comes to the things we believe is common sense around the web.

In my case it all started with my education. After upper secondary school, where I studied graphic design, I started studying industrial design at the university. One of the courses I attended was ergonomics and it was about how humans interact with objects in their surroundings. For example how tall a chair should be and how it should be constructed to fit the human body.

When I later came to work with user interfaces I started thinking about how the systems and sites could “fit” the human mind. What captures a user? Where do a user want to click? Where is the most logic place for this button? What color best represents this action?

I’m surprised that the subject doesn’t take up more space, that people don’t talk about it. That is why I’m going to take the first step and start talking about it now.


Welcome to my blog.


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Emilie Lindqvist

Emilie Lindqvist

A blogger and usability designer located in Oslo, Norway.

With my blog I aim to inspire people to demand a better and more efficient user experience and for them to help me transform the environment on the internet, that gradually influences a larger part of our lives, to a better place.

  • Oleg Nesterov

    Oleg Nesterov

    14 September 2012 at 08:41 |
    Looking forward to reading it!

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